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Get started with the all-in-one freight orchestration platform

Step 1: GoodShip plugs into your current supply chain management systems (including your TMS)

Step 2: GoodShip analyzes your data to surface cost savings and service recommendations in just two weeks

Step 3: GoodShip provides ongoing market insights, procurement tools, and carrier management features to enable continuous optimization

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GoodShip requires a TMS
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You've got questions. We've got answers.

Is GoodShip a TMS?

No, but GoodShip does plug into your TMS. Think of GoodShip as an extension of your existing systems, supercharging your ability to analyze performance and take quick corrective action.

Does GoodShip work with carriers and brokers?

When a new shipper starts using GoodShip, their brokers and carriers will receive an invitation to join. If you are a broker or carrier interested in using GoodShip, please send your shippers our way!

How long does implementation take?

GoodShip is entirely plug-and-play. Shippers can access cost savings and service recommendations in just two weeks, no technical resources required.

Does GoodShip support international shipment data?

GoodShip currently supports the United States and Canada.