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All the data and tools you need to manage and optimize your transportation network, all in one place


Decrease in Late Loads


Reduction in Freight Spend



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Transportation Procurement

Conduct bids more efficiently and improve routing guide durability.

AI-powered award optimizer automates bid analysis and awarding

Bid recommendations for lanes that are over-market, underperforming, or going to spot

Carriers get lane-level insights including seasonality, lead time, and more

Shippers get embedded historical carrier performance data and market rate benchmarking

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Analytics and Recommendations

Get actionable recommendations to reduce spend and improve service.

A comprehensive dashboard unifies data from your TMS, ERP, budget, and more

Embedded market rates from DAT, TruckStop, and FreightWaves SONAR

Targeted list of lanes that are over-market, underperforming or going to spot

RFP performance and compliance monitoring

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Carrier Management

Empower carriers with a dedicated portal for self-service scorecards, lane-level insights, and bid submission.

Comprehensive scorecards with tender-level detail

Late load dispute and resolution functionality

Automated RFP/bid invitations and notifications

Carrier performance alerts and communication

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Ground conversations in data and eliminate reliance on tribal knowledge with in-app messaging.

Drive accountability and ensure issues are resolved with a centralized inbox

Tag teammates, lanes, and carrier records in discussions

Shared, searchable, and filterable chat archive

Collaborate cross-functionally on corrective action plans

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Access Cost Savings & Service Recommendations in Two Weeks

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“GoodShip is a combination of the finance and analytics tool we were looking for and the freight orchestration tool we didn’t know we needed. The Kellanova team is extremely excited to partner with GoodShip to improve data visibility leading to cost savings and stronger overall performance.”

Matt Rose

Senior Director of Transportation at Kellanova

“Our ability to mine data, understand the market, and collaborate with strategic carrier partners is critical to both our own success and that of the shippers we represent. GoodShip has provided KBX Logistics with an exceptional technology platform that allows our team to quickly discover insights and then drive meaningful actions and improvements.”

Jamie Hess

VP Global Procurement at KBX Logistics

“The depth of network insights provided by the platform enables productive, ongoing internal discussions and faster, more data-driven decision making.”

Kyle Masters

Senior Manager of Transportation Procurement at Simmons Foods

“GoodShip understands that the relationship between a shipper and carrier goes beyond rates on paper. Leveraging the platform, we’ve been able to unlock critical insights that were previously opaque.“

Nicole Schuman

Transportation Procurement Manager at Reser's Fine Foods

“GoodShip allows us to combine detailed analytics, procurement events, and carrier development into a single tool in a way we haven’t seen elsewhere in the market.”

Tim Worona

Vice President, Supply Chain Planning and Logistics Systems at Utz Brands

"Whether it’s running a bid, initiating a renegotiation, or automating our carrier scorecards, GoodShip has eliminated many of the old, manual processes and software we used to rely on.”

Kevin Norris

Senior Logistics Manager at Central Garden & Pet Company