Frequently Asked Questions

What is GoodShip?

GoodShip is a freight orchestration platform that unifies data from a shipper’s network — TMS tender data, contract award data, location data — enriches it with real-time pricing and market data, then provides network management and transportation procurement tooling to make that information instantly actionable within the platform.

Who is GoodShip for?

GoodShip is for shippers looking to monitor, manage, and optimize their transportation network and procurement process. We also offer a dedicated carrier portal allowing shippers to invite their carriers to view their scorecards and participate in bids

Is GoodShip a digital broker or carrier?

No – that would create a conflict of interest. GoodShip is a neutral technology platform that facilitates stronger relationships and better experiences for shippers and their carrier partners.

Is GoodShip a TMS?

No, but GoodShip does plug into your TMS. Think of GoodShip as an extension of your existing systems, supercharging your ability to analyze performance and take quick corrective action.

Does GoodShip work with carriers and brokers?

When a new shipper starts using GoodShip, their brokers and carriers will receive an invitation to join. If you are a broker or carrier interested in using GoodShip, please send your shippers our way!

What TMSs are compatible with GoodShip?

GoodShip is TMS agnostic and works with all major TMS providers.

What transportation modes are supported?

GoodShip supports all truckload equipment types (van, reefer, open deck, dray, etc) and intermodal within the United States and Canada. We do not support ocean, air, or LTL at this time.

How does carrier adoption work?

GoodShip handles carrier invites, onboarding, training, troubleshooting, and support.

How long does implementation take?

GoodShip is entirely plug-and-play. Shippers can access cost savings and service recommendations in just two weeks, no technical resources required.

Does GoodShip support international shipment data?

GoodShip currently supports the United States and Canada.

What does it cost to run an RFP with GoodShip?

A subscription to GoodShip is all-inclusive with unlimited users, bids, market rate lookups, and more. GoodShip is also free for all your carriers.

Will integration require significant IT or developer resources?

No, GoodShip is entirely plug-and-play and does not require any developer resources. Implementation typically takes about two weeks.

Do I have to purchase add-ons or modules?

No, GoodShip is an all-in-one platform. All features are included.

What do I need to get started with GoodShip?

All you need is a TMS! Request a demo to get started.